This is a draft edition of the 2014-15 Catalog; the final edition will be published in late summer 2014.

University Libraries


  • John P. Culshaw
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University Libraries offers three courses intended for undergraduates: ULIB:1001 (417:001) Library Research in ContextULIB:3011 (417:096) Library Strategies for International Research, and ULIB:2001 (417:101) Being Responsible Online: From Facebook to Academic Research.

Library Research in Context is an activity-based course that helps students integrate information skills and concepts into their academic tool kit, enabling them to develop habits of critical inquiry and to accomplish course goals. Designed primarily for sophomores and juniors, the course introduces students to the basic research process and helps them formulate research questions and evaluate information. It also touches on the social and ethical contexts of information. Subject-specialist librarians present the course, using in-class activities and assignments and class discussion. The course is offered online as well as on campus.

Library Strategies for International Research provides a step-by-step orientation to the academic research process, in preparation for the major's senior project [IS:3010 (187:095) Creating a Proposal for International Research]. The course helps students learn to think critically, understand and apply the components of the research process, and explore the nature of scholarly information—skills that will be valuable throughout students' academic careers and beyond.

Being Responsible Online introduces students to ethical issues that surround online information, especially in the context of social media. Discussion topics include issues of privacy, security, free versus fee-based information, censorship, one's digital footprint, and academic integrity.


Lower-Level Undergraduate

ULIB:1001 (417:001) Library Research in Context1 s.h.
Academic research, effective use of the library and its resources, basic research methods, process of scholarly communication; content may be keyed to a discipline‑specific course; students apply concepts and processes to their research projects; transferable skills.
ULIB:2001 (417:101) Being Responsible Online: From Facebook to Academic Research1 s.h.
Introduction to ethical issues surrounding online information; using information as researchers or creating information on a social networking site; issues of privacy, reliability, and intellectual property; skills to navigate online information responsibly and knowledgeably.

Upper-Level Undergraduate and Graduate

ULIB:3011 (417:096) Library Strategies for International Research1 s.h.
Skill development in international research; academic projects; work with research librarian; activity‑based introduction to article, statistical, and governmental databases; research and popular materials; information discovery process (tools and search strategies); enhancement of critical thinking skills. Same as IS:3011 (187:096).