• George Richerson


  • Harold P. Adams Jr., Daniel J. Bonthius (Pediatrics/Neurology), Kevin P. Campbell (Internal Medicine/Molecular Physiology and Biophysics/Neurology), Beverly L. Davidson (Molecular Physiology and Biophysics/Internal Medicine/Neurology), Mark E. Dyken, Mark A. Granner, Matthew A. Howard (Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery/Neurosurgery/Neurology), Wayne A. Johnson (Molecular Physiology and Biophysics/Neurology), Robert D. Jones, Jun Kimura, Satoshi Kitazaki, Jane S. Paulsen (Psychiatry/Psychology/Neurology), Matthew Rizzo, Robert L. Rodnitzky, Andrew F. Russo (Molecular Physiology and Biophysics/Neurology), E. Torage Shivapour, Michael Shy, Wendy R. Smoker (Radiology/Neurosurgery/Neurology), William T. Talman, Jon M. Tippin, Daniel T. Tranel (Psychology/Neurology), Michael Wall (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences/Neurology), Mary Ann Werz, Thoru Yamada

Associate professors

  • Steven W. Anderson, Joseph Barrash, Deema Fattal, Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, Charuta N. Joshi (Pediatrics/Neurology), Amy Lee (Molecular Physiology and Biophysics/Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery/Biomedical Engineering/Neurology), Gloria Lee (Internal Medicine/Neurology), Enrique C. Leira, A. LeBron Paige, Connie Chen Pieper, Thomas Schnell (Industrial Engineering/Occupational and Environmental Health/Electrical and Computer Engineering/Neurology), Teri Thomsen, Ergun Y. Uc, Malcolm H. Yeh, Asgar Zaheer

Assistant professors

  • Edward Aul, Alexander G. Bassuk (Pediatrics/Neurology), Natalie L. Denburg, Melissa C. Duff (Communication Sciences and Disorders/Neurology), Decontee "Dee" Fletcher, Matthew Gillum, David Hasan (Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery/Neurosurgery/Neurology), Minako Hayakawa (Radiology/Neurology), Kevin Im, Nandakumar Narayanan, Ana Recober-Montilla, Hyungsub Shim, Steven Stasheff (Ophthalmology and Visual Science/Electrical and Computer Engineering/Pediatrics/Biomedical Engineering/Neurology), Andrea Swenson, Matthew J. Thurtell (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences/Neurology)


  • Eric Waldron

Adjunct professors

  • Ralph Adolphs, Antoine Bechara, Antonio R. Damasio, Hanna C. Damasio, Thomas J. Grabowski, Henry Paulson, Charles Rockland, Kathleen Rockland

Adjunct associate professor

  • Antoine Bechara

Professors emeriti

  • Adel Afifi, William E. Bell, Ramon Lim, James Worrell
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Neurology is the branch of medical science concerned with diagnosis and management of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, and muscle.

The Department of Neurology's hallmark is its history of carefully integrating patient care, scientific investigation, and the education of medical, postdoctoral, and graduate students.

M.D. Student Training, Graduate Education

The department provides clinical and clinical research training to third- and fourth-year M.D. students. It also offers research opportunities in various fields of neuroscience, including neuropsychology, neuroimaging, and neuroanatomy, to Ph.D. students in neuroscience and psychology.

Residency Program

The Department of Neurology offers an active, four-year approved residency program that qualifies physician trainees for board certification in neurology. Experience in clinical electrophysiology, pediatric neurology, psychiatry, and neuropathology is part of this training.


The faculty's investigative interests center on cognitive neuroscience, degenerative diseases, cerebrovascular disease, neurogenetics, neuromuscular diseases, electrophysiological correlates of central and peripheral nervous system disease, growth factors in the nervous system, control and regulation of autonomic functions, neuro-ophthalmology, movement disorders, epilepsy, and pain management. For more information see the Department of Neurology web site.


064:011 (NEUR:8301) Clinical Neurology2,4 s.h.
Experience in clinical neurology through ward work and case‑based conferences linked to required reading; focus on neurologic examination, diagnosis of neurologic problems.
064:238 (NEUR:7238) Introduction to Neuropsychological Assessmentarr.
Standard neuropsychological and behavioral assessment procedures; selection, administration, and scoring of neuropsychological tests under staff supervision; involvement in case presentation.
064:239 (NEUR:7239) Advanced Neuropsychological Assessmentarr.
Continuation of 064:238 (NEUR:7238); preparation of integrated reports on collected data; case presentations.
064:240 (NEUR:6240) Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience3 s.h.
Key topics in the neural basis of human cognition; research literature. Recommendations: graduate courses in basic neuroscience, cognitive psychology. Same as 132:240 (NSCI:6240).
064:302 (NEUR:8401) Advanced Inpatient Neurology4 s.h.
Experience and management of patients with seizure disorders, headache, cerebrovascular diseases; conferences, clinical rounds; two weeks on each inpatient service for a total of four weeks. Prerequisites: 064:011 (NEUR:8301).
064:303 (NEUR:8402) Advanced Outpatient Neurology4 s.h.
Experience in evaluation, management of patients with various neurologic diseases; four weeks in clinic patient care. Prerequisites: 064:011 (NEUR:8301).
064:310 (NEUR:8403) Cerebrovascular Diseasearr.
Experience in evaluation, management of patients with cerebrovascular diseases; conferences, clinical rounds. Prerequisites: 064:011 (NEUR:8301).
064:365 (NEUR:5365) Seminar: Neuropsychology and Neurosciencearr.
Clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience: cutting‑edge research from scientific journals, case presentations in clinical neuropsychology, and current research. Same as 031:365 (PSY:5365), 132:365 (NSCI:5365).
064:998 (NEUR:8498) Neurology on Campusarr.
064:999 (NEUR:8499) Neurology off Campusarr.