Thursday, May 28, 2015
  The University of Iowa General Catalog
The General Catalog includes degree requirements for all colleges, departments, and schools at The University of Iowa. Major, minor, and certificate requirements are listed in the University Catalog.

2014-15 Catalog

The link above directs you to the most recent version of the online General Catalog for the academic year. This version is searchable, dynamic, and includes many useful links to other sites. Although every effort is made to keep this information current, there are delays in updating due to the editing and approval process. Each page of the Catalog is dated to detail when it was last amended.


  Catalog Snapshots (Copies Frozen at Time of Publishing)
For historical and legal purposes, the Office of the Registrar retains a copy of each University of Iowa General Catalog. Changes made after the original publication date are not reflected in these documents. You may view all General Catalogs beginning with the 1970-72 edition by using the drop-down box below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer to view PDF documents. Earlier versions of the General Catalog are archived at the University of Iowa Main Library.


  Course Number Crosswalk
The crosswalk table displays the following information: college and department offering the course, new format alpha subject and 4-digit course number, legacy 3-digit department and 3-digit course number, and course title. Please note that duplicates may appear if the course title has been changed. There are both a static PDF and an Excel workbook; if you need additional information, please use ISIS to search for individual courses by session.

New Course Number Cross Walk (PDF version)

New Course Number Cross Walk (Excel version)