Lifetime Leisure Skills


  • Robert DuBay
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Lifetime Leisure Skills courses are open to University of Iowa undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may count credit earned in Lifetime Leisure Skills courses toward the minimum of 120 s.h. required for a bachelor's degree. Students should consult with their academic advisors.


Lower-Level Undergraduate

LLS:1002 (410:002) Water Safety Instructor1 s.h.
Training for instructor candidates to teach courses in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program; how to use course materials, conduct training sessions, and evaluate participants' progress.
LLS:1003 (410:003) Wilderness First Responder2 s.h.
Tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations; practical skills, case studies, and scenarios designed to challenge decision making abilities; Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) adult and child CPR.
LLS:1004 (410:004) Waltz1 s.h.
Beginning through intermediate‑level waltz figures; performing a beautiful waltz routine; skills and knowledge to dance with confidence at any formal dance occasion.
LLS:1005 (410:005) Intermediate Ballroom Dancing: Rhumba, Cha Cha, Merengue1 s.h.
Intermediate‑level figures in three of the most popular, sexy, energy‑ charged Latin dances of today—rhumba, cha cha, and merengue; review of basics. Recommendations: LLS:1060 (410:060).
LLS:1006 (410:006) Intermediate Ballroom Dancing: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango1 s.h.
Intermediate‑level figures in three of the most beautiful and popular dances in the world—foxtrot, waltz, and tango; review of basics. Recommendations: LLS:1060 (410:060).
LLS:1007 (410:007) Introduction to Rowing1 s.h.
Introduction to technique, vocabulary, and procedures needed to safely participate in the sport of rowing; use of rowing machines, rowing tank, and rowing shells.
LLS:1008 (410:008) Intermediate Kickboxing1 s.h.
Aggressive workout utilizing heavy bags, coach's mitts, and other equipment; conducted at moderate to intense pace using competitive kickboxing techniques, training methods, and equipment; kickboxing as a conditioning tool with self‑defense as a byproduct; not designed to prepare for competition. Prerequisites: LLS:1047 (410:047).
LLS:1009 (410:009) Introduction to the Outdoors1 s.h.
Mastering fundamental skills needed to safely enjoy an extended experience in an outdoor environment; development of technical skills in "Leave No Trace" principles, outdoor cooking, useful knots, campsite selection, setup; participation in overnight experiential learning camping class; team work to demonstrate skills in completing camp chores.
LLS:1010 (410:010) Whitewater Kayak Playboating1 s.h.
Basic paddle strokes and techniques of whitewater kayak playboating; taught in Field House pool and rivers in Iowa with whitewater kayaking parks. Recommendations: basic understanding of kayak paddling techniques, and previous whitewater kayaking experience or LLS:1049 (410:049).
LLS:1011 (410:011) Stand Up Paddleboarding Fundamentals1 s.h.
Introduction to skills, knowledge, and equipment to safely enjoy participating on flat, calm water; paddling environment, board and paddle control, standing and balancing, personal preparation and safety.
LLS:1041 (410:041) Scuba1 s.h.
Basics of scuba diving. Taught in CRWC wet classroom and natatorium. Seven weeks.
LLS:1042 (410:042) Introduction to Rock Climbing1 s.h.
Basics of rock climbing. Taught at Pictured Rocks County Park. Two days.
LLS:1043 (410:043) Bicycle Touring1 s.h.
Basics of bicycle touring. Taught on Johnson County area roads.
LLS:1044 (410:044) Mountain Bicycling1 s.h.
Basics of mountain bicycling. Taught on Sugar Bottom recreation trail system.
LLS:1045 (410:045) Leadership in the Outdoors3 s.h.
Leadership theories, group dynamics, permits, outdoor leadership skills; experience as leader for a day during a weeklong wilderness field trip.
LLS:1046 (410:046) Tae Kwon Do1 s.h.
Basics of Tae Kwon Do. Eight weeks.
LLS:1047 (410:047) Kickboxing1 s.h.
Basics of kickboxing. Eight weeks.
LLS:1048 (410:048) Canoeing1 s.h.
Basics of canoeing. Taught at Macbride Nature Recreation Area. Two days.
LLS:1049 (410:049) White Water Kayaking1 s.h.
Basics of white‑water kayaking. Taught in Field House pool, rivers in Wisconsin, Missouri.
LLS:1050 (410:050) White Water Canoeing1 s.h.
Basics of white‑water canoeing. Taught on rivers in Wisconsin, Missouri.
LLS:1051 (410:051) Marathon Training and Racing1 s.h.
Multiweek training program culminating in the Midwest; for students who run 30‑40 miles per week.
LLS:1052 (410:052) Intermediate Cross-Country Skiing1 s.h.
Skate skiing in northern Wisconsin. Prerequisites: LLS:1075 (410:075).
LLS:1053 (410:053) River Canoeing1 s.h.
LLS:1054 (410:054) Dog Sledding1 s.h.
Basics of dog sledding and winter camping.
LLS:1055 (410:055) Intermediate Rock Climbing1 s.h.
Belaying, anchor placement. Prerequisites: LLS:1042 (410:042).
LLS:1056 (410:056) Hiking1 s.h.
Basics of hiking. Taught at Governor Dodge or Devil's Lake State Parks in Wisconsin.
LLS:1057 (410:057) Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing1 s.h.
Basics of backcountry winter travel and camping.
LLS:1058 (410:058) Basic Self Defense1 s.h.
Basics of self‑defense.
LLS:1059 (410:059) Intermediate Tae Kwon Do1 s.h.
Development of knowledge and skills learned in beginning Tae Kwon Do. Prerequisites: LLS:1046 (410:046).
LLS:1060 (410:060) Ballroom Dancing1 s.h.
Basics of ballroom dancing.
LLS:1062 (410:062) Trail Running1 s.h.
Training, clothing, equipment, nutrition.
LLS:1063 (410:063) Introduction to Nature Photography1 s.h.
Basics of outdoor photography; no darkroom requirement. Taught at Macbride Nature Recreation Area.
LLS:1064 (410:064) Basic Orienteering1 s.h.
Basics of orienteering, including map and compass skills. Taught at Macbride Nature Recreation Area.
LLS:1065 (410:065) Low Impact Camping1 s.h.
Basics of low‑impact camping; one overnight camping experience. Taught at Macbride Nature Recreation Area.
LLS:1066 (410:066) Exploring the Natural Wonders of Iowa1 s.h.
History of the Loess Hills area of western Iowa or Yellow River Forest of northeastern Iowa; includes a weekend of hiking and camping.
LLS:1067 (410:067) Team Building Challenge Course1 s.h.
How to work in a group setting and be responsible group members.
LLS:1068 (410:068) Wilderness Appreciation1 s.h.
Basics of wilderness appreciation; one overnight camping experience. Taught at Macbride Nature Recreation Area.
LLS:1069 (410:069) Basic Snowshoeing1 s.h.
Basics of snowshoeing. Taught on trails in Wisconsin.
LLS:1070 (410:070) Intermediate Bicycle Touring1 s.h.
Bicycling on roads and trails in Wisconsin; focus on bike touring skills. Prerequisites: LLS:1043 (410:043).
LLS:1071 (410:071) Advanced Open Water Scuba1 s.h.
Participation in five scuba diving specialty activities. Prerequisites: LLS:1041 (410:041). Requirements: certification as open water scuba diver.
LLS:1072 (410:072) Basic Sea Kayaking1 s.h.
Basics of sea kayaking using solo and tandem boats. Taught at Lake Macbride.
LLS:1073 (410:073) Winter Camping1 s.h.
Basics of winter camping; snow shelters, hydration, meal preparation, clothing needs, snowshoe/ski travel with sleds.
LLS:1074 (410:074) Intermediate Mountain Bicycling1 s.h.
Mountain bicycling knowledge and skill developed on intermediate‑level trails; on‑trail maintenance. Prerequisites: LLS:1044 (410:044).
LLS:1075 (410:075) Basic Cross-Country Skiing1 s.h.
Basics of cross‑country skiing in northern Wisconsin.
LLS:1076 (410:076) Mountain Bicycling in Moab1 s.h.
Advanced mountain bicycling techniques. Taught near Moab, Utah. Prerequisites: LLS:1044 (410:044).
LLS:1077 (410:077) Backpacking1 s.h.
Remote backcountry experience traveling iconic backpacking trails in the United States, including the Grand Canyon region or the Appalachian Trail; minimum‑impact camping; very strenuous.
LLS:1078 (410:078) Ballroom Dancing—Nightclub Series1 s.h.
Salsa, the Hustle, Nightclub Two‑Step, Argentine tango.
LLS:1079 (410:079) Ballroom Dancing—Rhythm and Smooth1 s.h.
Mambo, samba, waltz, Viennese waltz.
LLS:1080 (410:080) Challenge Course Facilitation1 s.h.
How to lead groups through a low‑ and high‑elements challenge course; sequencing of events, processing and debriefing techniques, front‑loading games and initiatives, introducing games and initiatives; risk management issues in conducting challenge course activities; history of challenge courses.
LLS:1081 (410:081) Hut-to-Hut Skiing1 s.h.
Cross‑country skiing in Colorado's 10th Mountain Hut System.
LLS:1082 (410:082) Introduction to Bouldering1 s.h.
Basic skills and technique for bouldering with a partner. Taught at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama, and Rocktown in Georgia.
LLS:1083 (410:083) Tandem Biking1 s.h.
How to ride a tandem bicycle with a partner; traffic principles for bike operation, safety for road operations, safe and comfortable tandem bike operations; equipment and accessories for tandem bikes.
LLS:1084 (410:084) Late Night Outdoor Recreation1 s.h.
Nighttime outdoor activities such as moonlight kayaking and canoeing, night hiking, orienteering, bouldering.
LLS:1085 (410:085) Bicycle Racing Techniques1 s.h.
Basic skills and techniques of bicycle racing.
LLS:1086 (410:086) Stretch Strength Relaxation (RelaXercise)1 s.h.
Thorough exercise; strength, flexibility, full‑body breathing techniques, relaxation methods for stress reduction and body‑mind integration.
LLS:1087 (410:087) Modern Dance for Fitness1 s.h.
Basic working knowledge of modern dance; introduction to modern dance styles, skills, physical art, and discipline; focus on movement, dance techniques and skill, performance, creative experience.
LLS:1088 (410:088) Salsa Dancing1 s.h.
Fundamentals of Latin/Salsa dancing; musical rhythms, cultural history, postures, technique, basic movements; techniques for developing strength, stamina, balance, poise, and partner dancing skills; gender interaction and traditional social behaviors in salsa's cultural context.
LLS:1089 (410:089) Service Learning1 s.h.
Service learning project in an urban or wilderness setting; learn about local community, environment; projects depend on location, season.
LLS:1090 (410:090) Rock Climbing Anchor Systems2 s.h.
Development of basic skills for climbing anchors; understanding setting top‑rope anchors; use of bolts, trees, and passive and mechanical chocks for anchor setting; equalization of anchors; basic knots for rope, webbing, and cordelettes; basic understanding of the structural integrity and frictional forces important to anchor setting.
LLS:1091 (410:091) Lifeguarding1 s.h.
American Red Cross lifeguard training through classroom learning, hands‑on practice; surveillance skills for preventing and recognizing injuries; land and water rescue skills; first‑aid training, professional rescuer CPR; professional lifeguard responsibilities (e.g., interacting with the public, addressing uncooperative persons); certification in lifeguarding, first aid, professional rescuer CPR, AED.
LLS:1092 (410:092) Bicycling Southern States1 s.h.
Ride routes and trails between Memphis, TN and Vicksburg, MS; see everything from Graceland to cotton fields by bicycle; vehicle supported adventure, camp while exploring the Southern states.
LLS:1093 (410:093) Intermediate Sea Kayaking1 s.h.
Experience paddling in the beautiful blue waters of Lake Powell, exploring remote hidden side canyons, enjoying the stunning landscape, camping on secluded beaches under the star filled sky; learn skills needed to be a safe and efficient sea kayak adventurer, including transportation of boats, entering and exiting the kayak in different conditions, paddle strokes, and rescue techniques; learn what equipment to bring on a sea kayak adventure and how to effectively pack boats while traveling and camping around Lake Powell.
LLS:1094 (410:094) Land Navigation1 s.h.
Travel to the Southwest and learn navigation skills with map and compass; topics include declination, bearings, map reading and recognizing land features on topographical map; camping and backpacking to multiple campsites.
LLS:1095 (410:095) Movement Analysis and Relaxation Techniques for Fitness1 s.h.
Intensive workshop about connections: body to mind, breathing to efficient strengthening and stretching, stability to mobility, exertion to recuperation, function to expression; objectively observe, record, analyze, and understand student's own movement and that of classmates to bring positive change to movement habits and behavior which block energy and create unneeded stress, inhibit full movement ability and not allow for optimal, desired performance; mindful, efficient, articulate movement.
LLS:1096 (410:096) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu1 s.h.
Introduction to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; basic self‑defense, positional grappling, submissions, submission defense.
LLS:1097 (410:097) Introduction to Lead Climbing1 s.h.
Lead climb using the 52.5 foot tall climbing wall at CRWC; lead fall, lead belay, and clip bolts while climbing; eligible to lead climb at UI Climbing Wall after completion of course. Prerequisites: LLS:1042 (410:042).
LLS:1098 (410:098) Yoga1 s.h.
Emphasis on mindfulness, breath awareness, and attention to alignment.
LLS:1099 (410:099) Golf1 s.h.
Basic principles and fundamentals of the golf swing (i.e., full swing, pitching, chipping, putting); opportunity to practice skills at various facilities; history, basic rules, proper golf etiquette, and the evolution of golf related to technology.

Upper-Level Undergraduate and Graduate

LLS:4000 (410:001) Independent Studyarr.
Individual study in an area of interest to students; course work determined by faculty supervisor.