College Success Initiatives


  • Lisa Ingram

The College Success Initiatives Program is designed to enrich students' experiences at The University of Iowa. The program's courses help first-year and entering students make a successful transition to the University.

The College Success Initiatives Program is administered by the associate provost for undergraduate education. For more information about the program's courses, contact the Academic Advising Center.


Lower-Level Undergraduate

CSI:1000 (407:025) Mindfulness: Being Here With It All2 s.h.
Training in Mindfulness‑Based Stress Reduction; application to dealing with life changes (i.e., transition to University life); navigating daily life (academics, roommates, schedules); improving academic skills; self‑regulation of emotions; questions of meaning and purpose. Same as PSQF:1026 (07P:026).
CSI:1020 (407:021) Academic Seminar I3 s.h.
Development of knowledge and skills essential for academic success at college level; reading, writing, and communication skills; focus on reading comprehension, class discussion, and development of writing process; various narratives including published collections of essays and peers' texts; writing process and techniques, and components that bring each piece together. Requirements: IowaLink participant.
CSI:1021 (407:022) Academic Seminar II3 s.h.
Continued development of knowledge and skills necessary for academic success; reading, writing, and communication skills; experimentation with ethnographic research methods, exploration of cultures and subcultures; writing about findings in various experimental forms, suing as a model, short ethnographic essays, excerpts from a graphic novel; focus on reading comprehension strategies, class discussion, and development of writing process. Prerequisites: CSI:1020 (407:021). Requirements: IowaLink participant.
CSI:1100 (407:001) College Transition Seminar1 s.h.
College culture, University of Iowa resources, refinement of study skills, test taking, identification of personal values, self‑motivation, goal setting; taught in small sections with emphasis on classroom discussion. Requirements: entering first‑year student.
CSI:1150 (407:004) College Transition Workshop1 s.h.
Preparation for affiliated lecture course; practical context to apply, evaluate, and refine study skills strategies explored in CSI:1100 (407:001); expand study strategies, enhance grasp of affiliated course material, and apply study skills to future course work. Corequisites: CSI:1100 (407:001). Requirements: concurrent enrollment in a CIC affiliated lecture course.
CSI:1200 (407:029) First-Year Seminar1 s.h.
Introduction to the intellectual life of the University; opportunity to work closely with a faculty member or senior administrator; active participation that eases the transition to college‑level learning.
CSI:1250 (407:030) Introduction to Law Study and Legal Careers1 s.h.
Introduction to legal education and careers; exploration of role of law in society, nature of legal education, careers in law, and current legal issues; opportunity for students to begin reflecting on their own interest in this field.
CSI:1300 (407:050) College Expectations: Safe and Smart0 s.h.
Alcohol and sexual violence awareness training.
CSI:1350 (407:060) College Expectations for Transfer Students0 s.h.
Alcohol and sexual violence awareness training.
CSI:1400 (407:090) The Passport Project: Exploring Knowledge and Culture Beyond the Classroom1 s.h.
Attendance at 12 events selected from the University and Iowa City's rich intellectual and cultural offerings, including music concerts, art workshops and openings, literary readings, lectures in the sciences and humanities, hands‑on engineering demonstrations, dance recitals, political forums, and theatrical productions; written and multimedia reviews and reflections in electronic passports; small‑group discussions; special events featuring outstanding leaders in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Same as ARTS:1400 (01A:001).
CSI:1450 (407:095) Passport Project Colloquium1 s.h.
Opportunities and challenges for peer mentors involved in CSI:1400 (407:090); activities including short readings and media screenings related to innovative and best practices in learning and teaching; emphasis on multi‑modal writing online for peers; informal presentations and reflections. Same as ARTS:1450 (01A:002).
CSI:1500 (407:002) College Success Seminar1 s.h.
Skills, habits, and attitudes essential for college success; self‑assessment, goal setting, problem solving, motivation, time management, study skills, preparing for and taking tests; campus resources, including the Pomerantz Career Center, University Counseling Service; emphasis on class participation and completion of assignments related to course topics. Requirements: selected students with first‑year standing in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
CSI:1700 (407:007) Online at Iowa1 s.h.
Web‑based introduction to electronic tools and resources at The University of Iowa; web sites, e‑mail, databases; how to research courses, register for classes, and review grades; computer security; virtual campus tour.
CSI:1800 (407:008) Managing Your Money: Personal Finance for College Students1 s.h.
Introduction to basic concepts and practices for management of resources and prevention of financial problems commonly associated with college, including credit and student loans.
CSI:1900 (407:009) International at Iowa1 s.h.
Introduction to immigration and other laws; academic expectations on the University of Iowa campus; cultural adjustment; how to succeed academically; caring for one's mental health; web‑based course for new international undergraduate students.
CSI:2100 (407:011) The Transfer Transition1 s.h.
University of Iowa resources, career and major selection, identification of personal values, self‑motivation, goal setting, study and test‑taking skills; small sections with classroom discussion. Requirements: entering transfer student standing.