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  • Patricia Mason-Browne (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Matthew C. Edwards (Tippie College of Business)
Undergraduate certificate: international business
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Undergraduate Program of Study

  • Certificate in International Business

The Tippie College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer the undergraduate Certificate in International Business. The program is designed for students who intend to pursue careers in international business as well as those interested in gaining a better understanding of the global economy and a broader awareness of the political, historical, and social environment in which international business operates.


The Certificate in International Business requires 29 s.h. and satisfaction of the certificate's language requirement (total credit depends on which language the student decides to study). The program includes study of international business and economics, international relations and institutions, a language, and the contemporary art, literature, culture, and/or politics of the geographical region in which the language is spoken. The range of courses permits students to tailor areas of specialization suited to their individual interests and to complement majors in business and in liberal arts and sciences.

The certificate program is open to current University of Iowa undergraduate students and to all individuals who hold a bachelor's degree and are not enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate. Completion of the certificate is noted on the student's transcript.

Students should declare their intention to earn the certificate as early as possible and talk with an advisor about certificate requirements. They must submit an individual plan of study. Tippie College of Business students should talk with the advising staff at the college's Undergraduate Program Office; College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students should talk with a Certificate in International Business advisor at the Academic Advising Center. Individuals who hold a bachelor's degree from another institution should contact the University's Office of Admissions.

A minimum of 20 s.h. of certificate course work (other than language courses) must be completed at The University of Iowa or in approved study abroad programs. Students who plan to count study abroad credit toward the certificate should consult a Certificate in International Business advisor before leaving campus. University of Iowa Guided Independent Study Courses are accepted toward the certificate.

Certificate courses may not be taken pass/nonpass. A course may not be used to satisfy more than one certificate requirement.

The Certificate in International Business requires the following course work.

International Business

These courses provide students with an essential understanding of economics, which is central to all business operation. They also help students develop knowledge of the functional areas of international business.

Both of these: 

06E:001 (ECON:1100) Principles of Microeconomics4 s.h.
06E:002 (ECON:1200) Principles of Macroeconomics4 s.h.

Three of these (total of 9 s.h.): 

06E:125 (ECON:3240) Global Economics and Business3 s.h.
06E:129 (ECON:3260) Economic Growth and Development3 s.h.
06E:173 (ECON:3500) International Economics3 s.h.
06F:130 (FIN:4240) International Finance3 s.h.
06J:146 (MGMT:4500) International Business Environment3 s.h.
06M:151 (MKTG:4300) International Marketing3 s.h.
06T:152 (ENTR:4460) Entrepreneurship and Global Trade3 s.h.
091:282 (LAW:8600) International Business Transactions3 s.h.
091:287 (LAW:8631) International Trade Law: Basic Norms and Regulations3 s.h.

One of these may be counted toward the 9 s.h. requirement above:

009:115 (FREN:3410) Business French3 s.h.
013:114 (GRMN:3214) Business German3 s.h.
035:118 (SPAN:3040) Business Spanish3 s.h.
038:108 (PORT:3130) Business Portuguese3 s.h.
039:117 (CHIN:3103) Business Chinese I3 s.h.
International Relations and Institutions

These courses familiarize students with comparative politics, social geography, foreign policy, and issues related to world population and the environment—topics relevant to decision making in the international business world.

Two of these (total of 6 s.h.): 

016:082 (HIST:3255) The World Since 19453 s.h.
016:101 (HIST:4101) History of Human Rights3 s.h.
016:143 (HIST:3143) International Politics: The History of the Present3-4 s.h.
016:144 (HIST:4125) War and Peace in the Twentieth Century3 s.h.
016:157 (HIST:3157) Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights3 s.h.
16A:152 (HIST:4232) United States in World Affairs3 s.h.
16W:138 (HIST:4162)/152:138 (GHS:4162) History of Global Health3 s.h.
16W:155 (HIST:3145) Europe and the U.S. in the Twentieth Century3 s.h.
019:156 (JMC:3700) Comparative Communication Systems3 s.h.
030:041 (POLI:1401) Introduction to the Politics of Russia and Eurasia3 s.h.
030:043 (POLI:1403) Introduction to Politics in the Muslim World3 s.h.
030:045 (POLI:1405) Introduction to Comparative Politics3 s.h.
030:060 (POLI:1500) Introduction to International Relations3 s.h.
030:061 (POLI:1501) Introduction to American Foreign Policy3 s.h.
030:130 (POLI:3506) Consequences of War3 s.h.
030:131 (POLI:3304) Global Justice3 s.h.
030:137 (POLI:3400) Introduction to Political Economy3 s.h.
030:142 (POLI:3401) European Union3 s.h.
030:147 (POLI:3403) Parties and Elections Around the World3 s.h.
030:149 (POLI:3450) Problems in Comparative Politics3 s.h.
030:150 (POLI:3404) Public Policy Around the World3 s.h.
030:151 (POLI:3417) Political Leadership3 s.h.
030:155 (POLI:3509) International Courts: The Intersection of Law and Politics3 s.h.
030:156 (POLI:3406) Ethnic and Religious Conflict in the Muslim World3 s.h.
030:159 (POLI:3405) Authoritarian Politics3 s.h.
030:160 (POLI:3507) Women and Politics in Global Perspective3 s.h.
030:161 (POLI:3501) International Organization and World Order3 s.h.
030:162 (POLI:3500) American Foreign Policies3 s.h.
030:165 (POLI:3512) International Conflict3 s.h.
030:166 (POLI:3515) Global Communication and Politics3 s.h.
030:167 (POLI:3502) Politics and the Multinational Enterprise3 s.h.
030:168 (POLI:3503) Politics of Terrorism3 s.h.
030:169 (POLI:3550) Problems of International Politics3 s.h.
030:170 (POLI:3516) The Politics of International Economics3 s.h.
030:173 (POLI:3510) State Failure in the Developing World3 s.h.
030:177 (POLI:3504) Globalization3 s.h.
030:178 (POLI:3505) Causes, Consequences, and Management of Civil War3 s.h.
030:195 (POLI:3511) International Law3 s.h.
030:196 (POLI:3411) Democracy: Global Trends and Struggles3 s.h.
030:197 (POLI:3513) Politics of International Human Rights Law3 s.h.
030:198 (POLI:3514) Regional Peace and Security3 s.h.
034:045 (SOC:3415) Global Criminology3 s.h.
036:042 (COMM:2042)/042:042 (SSW:2042)/187:042 (IS:2042) Intercultural Communication3 s.h.
044:010 (GEOG:1090) Globalization and Geographic Diversity3 s.h.
044:011 (GEOG:2110) Population Geography3 s.h.
044:030 (GEOG:2910) The Global Economy3 s.h.
044:055 (GEOG:2130) World Cities3 s.h.
044:104 (GEOG:2410) Environment and Development3 s.h.
044:107 (GEOG:3070) Hungry Planet: Global Geographies of Food3 s.h.
044:194 (GEOG:3910) Geographic Perspectives on Development3 s.h.
091:193 (LAW:8570) Human Rights in the World Community3 s.h.
091:195 (LAW:8649) Foundations of International Law3 s.h.
113:010 (ANTH:2100) Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems3 s.h.
113:045 (ANTH:1040) Language Rights3 s.h.
113:062 (ANTH:1003) Anthropology of Violence3 s.h.
113:067 (ANTH:1008) Anthropology of Immigration3 s.h.
113:104 (ANTH:3130) Cultural Politics3 s.h.
113:114 (ANTH:3112) Environmentalisms3 s.h.
113:116 (ANTH:2136) Urban Anthropology3 s.h.
113:139 (ANTH:4130) Religion and Environmental Ethics3 s.h.
113:143 (ANTH:3103) Environment and Culture3 s.h.
187:006 (IS:2111) Developed and Developing Places3 s.h.
187:007 (IS:2112) The European Union3 s.h.
187:020 (IS:2000) Introduction to International Studies3 s.h.
187:080 (IS:2115) Introduction to Human Rights3 s.h.
187:180 (IS:3910) Human Rights Advocacy3 s.h.
216:175 (HRTS:3900) Child Labor and International Human Rights3 s.h.
216:176 (HRTS:3905) Topics in Human Rights1-3 s.h.
World Languages

Certificate students develop intermediate-level competence in a language that is spoken in one of six geographic regions. Through world language study, they gain insight into the culture of another region of the world and develop a deeper understanding of their own language and culture.

Students must complete one of the approved language sequences below. For questions about languages not listed or about study abroad course work, see a Certificate in International Business advisor.


All of these:

195:101 (ARAB:1001) Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I5 s.h.
195:102 (ARAB:1002) Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II5 s.h.
195:111 (ARAB:2001) Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I5 s.h.
195:112 (ARAB:2002) Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II5 s.h.

All of these: 

039:008 (CHIN:1111)-039:009 (CHIN:1112) First-Year Chinese: First Semester - First-Year Chinese: Second Semester10 s.h.
039:105 (CHIN:2101)-039:106 (CHIN:2102) Second-Year Chinese: First Semester - Second-Year Chinese: Second Semester10 s.h.

All of these:

041:141 (SLAV:1211) Conversational Czech I4 s.h.
041:142 (SLAV:1212) Conversational Czech II3 s.h.
041:143 (SLAV:2211) Conversational Czech III3 s.h.
041:144 (SLAV:2212) Conversational Czech IV3 s.h.

One of these sequences: 

009:001 (FREN:1001)-009:002 (FREN:1002) Elementary French I-II10 s.h.
009:010 (FREN:1010) First-Year French Review5 s.h.

All of these: 

009:011 (FREN:2001)-009:012 (FREN:2002) Intermediate French I-II8 s.h.
One course for which 009:012 (FREN:2002) is prerequisite (may include Iowa Regents Program credit)

One of these: 

013:011 (GRMN:1001)-013:012 (GRMN:1002) Elementary German I-II (both courses)8 s.h.
013:014 (GRMN:1010) First-Year German Review5 s.h.

All of these: 

013:021 (GRMN:2001) Intermediate German I4 s.h.
013:022 (GRMN:2002) Intermediate German II4 s.h.
One course for which 013:022 (GRMN:2002) is prerequisite

All of these:

039:123 (SOAS:2101) First-Year Hindi-Urdu: First Semester5 s.h.
039:124 (SOAS:2102) First-Year Hindi: Second Semester5 s.h.
039:126 (SOAS:3101) Second-Year Hindi: First Semester4 s.h.
039:127 (SOAS:3102) Second-Year Hindi: Second Semester4 s.h.

One of these: 

018:001 (ITAL:1101)-018:002 (ITAL:1102) Elementary Italian-II (both courses)10 s.h.
018:103 (ITAL:3002) Intensive Elementary Italian6 s.h.

All of these: 

018:011 (ITAL:2203)-018:012 (ITAL:2204) Intermediate Italian-II8 s.h.
One course for which 018:012 (ITAL:2204) is prerequisite

All of these: 

39J:010 (JPNS:1101) & 39J:012 (JPNS:1103) First-Year Japanese: First Semester - First-Year Japanese: Second Semester10 s.h.
39J:101 (JPNS:3101)-39J:102 (JPNS:3102) Second-Year Japanese: First Semester - Second-Year Japanese: Second Semester10 s.h.

All of these:

039:040 (ASIA:1101)-039:041 (ASIA:1102) First-Year Korean: First Semester - First-Year Korean: Second Semester8 s.h.
039:042 (ASIA:2101)-039:043 (ASIA:2102) Second-Year Korean: First Semester - Second-Year Korean: Second Semester8 s.h.

One of these: 

038:100 (PORT:3010)-038:101 (PORT:3020) Accelerated Elementary Portuguese - Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese (both courses)12 s.h.
038:102 (PORT:3050) Portuguese for Spanish Speakers3 s.h.


One course for which 038:101 (PORT:3020) or 038:102 (PORT:3050) is prerequisite

All of these: 

041:001 (SLAV:1111)-041:002 (SLAV:1112) First-Year Russian I-II10 s.h.
041:003 (SLAV:2111)-041:004 (SLAV:2112) Second-Year Russian I-II8 s.h.


One course for which 041:004 (SLAV:2112) is prerequisite
035:001 (SPAN:1001)-035:002 (SPAN:1002) Elementary Spanish I-II (both courses)10 s.h.

One of these: 

035:011 (SPAN:1501)-035:012 (SPAN:1502) Intermediate Spanish I-II (both courses)10 s.h.
035:013 (SPAN:1503) Accelerated Intermediate Spanish6 s.h.


One course for which 035:012 (SPAN:1502) is prerequisite

All of these: 

211:125 (SWAH:3001)-211:126 (SWAH:3002) Elementary Swahili I-II6-8 s.h.
211:127 (SWAH:3003)-211:128 (SWAH:3004) Intermediate Swahili I-II6-8 s.h.
Area Studies

These courses help students learn about the culture, contemporary history, art, literature, and politics of the geographic region in which their chosen world language is spoken. Area studies topics are critical to students' understanding of how society and culture influence the people with whom they share the world and may conduct business.

Students complete 6 s.h. from one geographic area. They should select an area that is appropriate for the world language they have chosen to satisfy the certificate's language requirement.


Appropriate for these languages: Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, or Korean 

01H:016 (ARTH:1070)/039:016 (CHIN:1070) Asian Art and Culture3 s.h.
01H:031 (ARTH:2220)/039:028 (ASIA:2231) Introduction to the Art of China3 s.h.
01H:033 (ARTH:2250)/39J:033 (JPNS:2250) Introduction to the Art of Japan3 s.h.
01H:119 (ARTH:3220)/039:159 (ASIA:3219) Chinese Art and Culture3 s.h.
01H:120 (ARTH:3230)/039:120 (ASIA:3220) Chinese Painting I: Pagodas and Palaces3 s.h.
01H:123 (ARTH:3260)/39J:123 (JPNS:3260) Japanese Painting3 s.h.
01H:124 (ARTH:3270) Themes in Asian Art History3 s.h.
008:132 (ENGL:3540) Literature of the Indian Subcontinent3 s.h.
016:005 (HIST:2602)/039:055 (ASIA:2602) Civilizations of Asia: China3 s.h.
016:006 (HIST:2604)/039:056 (ASIA:2604) Civilizations of Asia: Japan3 s.h.
016:007 (HIST:2606) Civilizations of Asia: South Asia3-4 s.h.
016:009 (HIST:2609) India Now! A Survey from Bollywood Films to Global Terror3-4 s.h.
16W:087 (HIST:2887) Perspectives on Korea3 s.h.
16W:140 (HIST:4605) Disease, Politics, and Health in South Asia3 s.h.
16W:172 (HIST:4610)/39J:172 (JPNS:4610) Japan--Age of the Samurai3 s.h.
16W:173 (HIST:4615)/39J:173 (JPNS:4615) Modern Japan3 s.h.
16W:174 (HIST:4617) History, Memory, and Pacific War3 s.h.
16W:175 (HIST:4620)/39J:175 (JPNS:4620) Japan--U.S. Relations3 s.h.
16W:183 (HIST:4176) Vietnam War on Film3-4 s.h.
16W:185 (HIST:4185) Modern Korean History3 s.h.
16W:194 (HIST:4640) Imperialism and Modern India3 s.h.
16W:198 (HIST:4655)/039:196 (ASIA:4655) China Since 19273 s.h.
026:143 (PHIL:3143) Philosophy East and West3 s.h.
026:145 (PHIL:3845)/032:175 (RELS:3645) Buddhist Philosophy3 s.h.
030:102 (POLI:3420) Southeast Asia: Democracy, Identity, and Developmentarr.
030:143 (POLI:3414)/039:178 (ASIA:3414) Government and Politics of the Far East3 s.h.
030:148 (POLI:3408) Government and Politics of China3 s.h.
032:004 (RELS:1404)/039:064 (ASIA:1040) Living Religions of the East3 s.h.
032:006 (RELS:1506)/039:006 (ASIA:1060) Introduction to Buddhism3 s.h.
032:010 (RELS:1510)/039:007 (ASIA:1110) Gods, Buddhas, and Ghostly Officials: The Past and Present of Chinese Religions3 s.h.
032:014 (RELS:1410) Introduction to Indian Religions3 s.h.
032:017 (RELS:1610)/39J:017 (JPNS:1115) Japanese Religions3 s.h.
032:081 (RELS:2681) Hindu Religion and Art3 s.h.
032:116 (RELS:3660)/39J:109 (JPNS:3660) Japanese Religion and Thought3 s.h.
032:131 (RELS:3431) Gender and Sexuality in East Asia3 s.h.
032:163 (RELS:4620)/039:162 (ASIA:4620) Turning East3 s.h.
032:166 (RELS:3666) The History of a Religious and Spiritual Practice: Yoga in Asia and Beyond3 s.h.
032:188 (RELS:3655)/039:170 (ASIA:3655) Zen Buddhism3 s.h.
039:018 (SOAS:1502) Asian Humanities: India3 s.h.
039:019 (CHIN:1504) Asian Humanities: China3 s.h.
039:020 (JPNS:1506) Asian Humanities: Japan3 s.h.
039:032 (CHIN:1702) Chinese Popular Culture3 s.h.
039:034 (ASIA:1704) The Languages of Asia in Cultural and Historical Perspective3 s.h.
039:036 (ASIA:1706) Understanding Korean Culture Wave3 s.h.
039:044 (ASIA:2444) Envision India3 s.h.
039:057 (ASIA:2606)/016:007 (HIST:2606) Civilizations of Asia: South Asia3 s.h.
039:087 (ASIA:2887) Perspectives on Korea3 s.h.
039:135 (ASIA:1135) Korean Language in Culture and Society3 s.h.
039:140 (CHIN:4204)/032:186 (RELS:4404) The Literature of Daoism3 s.h.
039:141 (CHIN:3341)/048:141 (CCL:3341) Chinese Literature: Poetry3 s.h.
039:142 (CHIN:3202) Chinese Literature: Prose3 s.h.
039:173 (CHIN:4206) Transnational Chinese Cinemas3 s.h.
039:180 (CHIN:4203)/048:183 (CCL:4203) Modern Chinese Writers3 s.h.
039:199 (ASIA:4508) Asian Studiesarr.
39J:103 (JPNS:3401) Language in Japanese Society3 s.h.
39J:125 (JPNS:2175)/113:125 (ANTH:2175) Japanese Society and Culture3 s.h.
39J:129 (JPNS:3402) Japan: Culture and Communication3 s.h.
39J:135 (JPNS:3135) Postmodern Aesthetics and Japanese Culture3 s.h.
39J:141 (JPNS:3202)/048:143 (CCL:3204) Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation3 s.h.
39J:142 (JPNS:3203)/048:142 (CCL:3203) Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation3 s.h.
39J:144 (JPNS:3205) Major Authors in Modern Japanese Literature3 s.h.
39J:146 (JPNS:3206) Warriors Dreams3 s.h.
39J:147 (JPNS:3208) Introduction to Japanese Film3 s.h.
39J:155 (JPNS:3601) Contemporary Japanese Culture3 s.h.
39J:162 (JPNS:3700) Topics in Global Cinema3 s.h.
044:060 (GEOG:1060) Geography of Asia: From Japan to Pakistan3 s.h.
048:026 (CCL:2625) Introduction to Asian Film3 s.h.
048:106 (CCL:4606)/039:145 (ASIA:4606) Topics in Asian Cinema3 s.h.
113:107 (ANTH:2108)/131:107 (GWSS:2108) Gendering India4 s.h.
113:118 (ANTH:3108) North Korea and Totalitarianism3 s.h.
113:127 (ANTH:3121) South Asian Sexual Cultures3 s.h.

Appropriate for these languages: Czech, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish 

01H:157 (ARTH:3020)/009:130 (FREN:3030) Paris and the Art of Urban Life3 s.h.
008:065 (ENGL:2360) Twentieth-Century British Literature3 s.h.
008:066 (ENGL:2361) Twenty-first-Century British Literature3 s.h.
008:091 (ENGL:2330) Topics in Modern British Literature After 19003 s.h.
008:110 (ENGL:3350) Literature and Culture of 20th- and 21st-Century Britain3 s.h.
009:030 (FREN:1510) Cultural Misunderstandings: France and U.S.A.3 s.h.
009:114 (FREN:3120) French Civilization3 s.h.
009:119 (FREN:3225) Studies in Modern France3 s.h.
009:120 (FREN:3130) French-Speaking Cultures3 s.h.
009:146 (FREN:3530) Francophone Cinema3-4 s.h.
009:147 (FREN:3510)/048:105 (CCL:3605) French Cinema3 s.h.
009:148 (FREN:3540)/048:167 (CCL:3647)/131:167 (GWSS:3540) Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema3 s.h.
009:168 (FREN:4080)/048:168 (CCL:4368) Post-Colonial Literature in France3 s.h.
013:101 (GRMN:3501) Introduction to German Literature3 s.h.
013:105 (GRMN:3405) German Cultural History3 s.h.
013:115 (GRMN:4315) Contemporary German Civilization3 s.h.
013:135 (GRMN:3250) Brief Texts About Big Events3 s.h.
13E:075 (GRMN:2775) Scandinavian Crime Fiction3 s.h.
13E:118 (GRMN:2618)/048:148 (CCL:4348) The Third Reich and Literature3 s.h.
13E:119 (GRMN:2819) German Film3 s.h.
13E:120 (GRMN:2720) Germany in the World3 s.h.
013:140 (GRMN:4540) Literature in Film3 s.h.
16E:065 (HIST:2465) Europe Since 19453 s.h.
16E:130 (HIST:4438) Modern European Imperialism3 s.h.
16E:132 (HIST:4435) War and Society in Modern Europe3 s.h.
16E:135 (HIST:4460) Twentieth-Century Europe: The Nazi Era3 s.h.
16E:136 (HIST:4461) Twentieth-Century Europe: The Cold War and After3 s.h.
16E:144 (HIST:4465) Modern France 1870-Present3 s.h.
16E:145 (HIST:4466) France and Algeria from Pirates to Terrorism3 s.h.
16E:146 (HIST:4470) France from 1815-Present3 s.h.
16E:152 (HIST:4486) Modern Britain: The Twentieth Century3 s.h.
16E:156 (HIST:4475)/13E:126 (GRMN:4475) Germany Since 1914: Weimar, Hitler, and After3 s.h.
16E:158 (HIST:4978) Holocaust in History and Memory3 s.h.
16W:155 (HIST:3145) Europe and the U.S. in the Twentieth Century3 s.h.
018:105 (ITAL:4667) Modern Italian Fiction3 s.h.
018:106 (ITAL:4668) Modern Italian Poetry and Drama3 s.h.
018:114 (ITAL:4350) Studies in Italian Language3 s.h.
018:132 (ITAL:3550) Images of Modern Italy3 s.h.
030:140 (POLI:3412) Government and Politics of Europe3 s.h.
030:142 (POLI:3401) European Union3 s.h.
030:147 (POLI:3403) Parties and Elections Around the World3 s.h.
030:172 (POLI:3416) France in the 21st Century3 s.h.
035:090 (SPAN:1900) Diversity and Cultures in Spain3 s.h.
035:110 (SPAN:2400) Readings in Spanish Literature3 s.h.
035:150 (SPAN:3600) Cultures of Spain3 s.h.
035:153 (SPAN:3620) Madrid3 s.h.
035:156 (SPAN:3830) Spanish Literature of the Transition3 s.h.
035:157 (SPAN:3840) Contemporary Spanish Short Story3 s.h.
035:161 (SPAN:3820) Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature3 s.h.
035:170 (SPAN:4860) The Spanish Civil War3 s.h.
038:107 (PORT:3500) Introduction to Portuguese Literature3 s.h.
048:021 (CCL:2621) Introduction to European Film3 s.h.
048:104 (CCL:4604) Topics in European Film3 s.h.
048:163 (CCL:3263) Studies in 20th Century European Literaturearr.
Latin America

Appropriate for these languages: Portuguese or Spanish 

008:114 (ENGL:3530) Caribbean Literature and Culture3 s.h.
008:133 (ENGL:3535) Inter-American Studies3 s.h.
16A:069 (HIST:2288) Introduction to Mexican American History3 s.h.
16A:112 (HIST:4216) Mexican American History3 s.h.
16A:113 (HIST:4217) Latina/o Immigration3 s.h.
16W:106 (HIST:4501) Society and Revolution in Cuba3 s.h.
16W:107 (HIST:4502)/149:107 (AINS:4502) History of Mexico3 s.h.
16W:110 (HIST:4505) Topics in Latin American History3 s.h.
16W:112 (HIST:4515) Introduction to Modern Latin America3 s.h.
16W:114 (HIST:4520) Latin America and the U.S.: The Historical Perspective3 s.h.
16W:115 (HIST:4525) Latin American Revolution3 s.h.
16W:116 (HIST:4526) Dictatorships of Latin America3 s.h.
025:104 (MUS:3311) Music of Latin America and the Caribbean3 s.h.
030:144 (POLI:3415) Latin American Politics3 s.h.
035:020 (SPAN:1800) Contemporary Spanish American Narrative3 s.h.
035:107 (SPAN:2900) Music of the Hispanic World3 s.h.
035:111 (SPAN:2500) Readings in Spanish American Literature3 s.h.
035:113 (SPAN:2800) Screening Latin America3 s.h.
035:114 (SPAN:2200) Introduction to Spanish American Cultures3 s.h.
035:130 (SPAN:3200) Cultures of Spanish America3 s.h.
035:131 (SPAN:3300) Contemporary Spanish American Fiction3 s.h.
035:132 (SPAN:3320) Spanish American Poetry3 s.h.
035:134 (SPAN:3310) Spanish American Short Story3 s.h.
035:135 (SPAN:3440) Latino Literature and Culture3 s.h.
035:140 (SPAN:3350) Contemporary Spanish American Literature3 s.h.
035:144 (SPAN:3360)/131:162 (GWSS:3360) Latin American Women Writers3 s.h.
035:146 (SPAN:3270)/048:162 (CCL:3262) Pan-Caribbean Literary Currents3 s.h.
035:148 (SPAN:3290) Topics in Cinema and Society3 s.h.
035:171 (SPAN:4350) Twentieth-Century Spanish American Theater and Performance3 s.h.
035:174 (SPAN:4820) Latino/a Popular Culture3 s.h.
035:175 (SPAN:4310) Cultural Identity in Caribbean Literature3 s.h.
035:177 (SPAN:4370) Literature and Mass Culture in Latin America3 s.h.
035:193 (SPAN:4380) Narratives of Underdevelopment3 s.h.
038:020 (PORT:1800) Contemporary Brazilian Narrative3 s.h.
038:077 (PORT:1810) Brazil: The Erotic/Exotic Lure3 s.h.
038:106 (PORT:3400) Brazilian Literature After 19003 s.h.
038:112 (PORT:4000) Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature3 s.h.
038:115 (PORT:2800) Writing Brazil in the U.S.3 s.h.
048:024 (CCL:2624) Introduction to Latin American Film3 s.h.
048:178 (CCL:4678)/035:191 (SPAN:4810) Topics in Latin American Cinema3 s.h.
048:196 (CCL:3396) Cuban American Literature and Culture3 s.h.
113:119 (ANTH:3111)/152:119 (GHS:3040) Health in Mexico3 s.h.
113:131 (ANTH:2110) Latin American Economy and Society3 s.h.
130:070 (LAS:2700) Introduction to Latin American Studies3 s.h.
130:176 (LAS:4700)/038:176 (PORT:4700)/048:153 (CCL:4700)/113:132 (ANTH:4700)/035:176 (SPAN:4900) Latin American Studies Seminar3 s.h.
Middle East/Africa

Appropriate for these languages: Swahili, or proficiency in another contemporary Middle Eastern or African language 

01H:002 (ARTH:1040) Arts of Africa3 s.h.
01H:107 (ARTH:3150) Art of West Africa3 s.h.
01H:116 (ARTH:3170) The Art of Central Africa3 s.h.
01H:125 (ARTH:3325) Kings, Gods, and Heroes: Art of the Ancient Near East3 s.h.
008:119 (ENGL:3550)/129:119 (AFAM:3550) African Literature3 s.h.
008:157 (ENGL:3555)/129:158 (AFAM:3555) Topics in African Cinema3 s.h.
08G:014 (ENGL:1365)/129:008 (AFAM:1365) Literatures of the African Peoples3 s.h.
009:120 (FREN:3130) French-Speaking Cultures3 s.h.
009:145 (FREN:4466) France and Algeria from Pirates to Terrorism3 s.h.
009:146 (FREN:3530) Francophone Cinema3 s.h.
009:163 (FREN:4110) Francophone Literature of the African Diaspora3 s.h.
016:008 (HIST:2608) Civilizations of Africa3 s.h.
16W:121 (HIST:4715)/129:164 (AFAM:4715) African History Since 18803 s.h.
16W:123 (HIST:4723) Slavery, Gender, and Identity in East Africa3 s.h.
16W:124 (HIST:4724) Crossing the Indian Ocean3 s.h.
16W:125 (HIST:4725)/131:125 (GWSS:4725) Women and Gender in African History3 s.h.
16W:126 (HIST:4730) Slavery, Jihads, and Saints in Islamic Africa3 s.h.
16W:128 (HIST:4728) Identity, Trade, and Diaspora3 s.h.
16W:152 (HIST:4810) History of the Modern Middle East3 s.h.
16W:153 (HIST:4815) Topics in the Modern Middle East3 s.h.
030:043 (POLI:1403) Introduction to Politics in the Muslim World3 s.h.
030:103 (POLI:3421) The Politics of Southern Africa3 s.h.
030:145 (POLI:3419) War in the Muslim World3 s.h.
030:156 (POLI:3406) Ethnic and Religious Conflict in the Muslim World3 s.h.
030:176 (POLI:3418) Governance in the Middle East3 s.h.
032:030 (RELS:1130) Introduction to Islamic Civilization3 s.h.
032:052 (RELS:2852) Women in Islam and the Middle East3 s.h.
032:133 (RELS:4133) Special Topics: Islamic and Middle Eastern Societies3 s.h.
032:155 (RELS:3855) Human Rights and Islam3 s.h.
032:157 (RELS:3020) Religion and Politics3 s.h.
032:159 (RELS:4859) Comparative Islamic Law3 s.h.
032:168 (RELS:4768) Islamic Sects3 s.h.
039:017 (ASIA:1770) Asian Humanities: Middle East3 s.h.
039:121 (ASIA:3120) Autobiography in Islamic Literary Cultures3 s.h.
039:125 (ASIA:3550) Islam, Secularity, Modernity3 s.h.
044:161 (GEOG:2404) African Development3 s.h.
044:164 (GEOG:4960) The Middle East3 s.h.
195:050 (ARAB:1050) Topics in Middle East/Muslim World Studies I3 s.h.
195:125 (ARAB:2050) Topics in Middle East/Muslim World Studies II3 s.h.
195:126 (ARAB:2025) Study Abroad: Culture and Society1 s.h.
Russia/Eastern Europe

Appropriate for these languages: Russian, or proficiency in a modern Slavic language 

16E:178 (HIST:4493) Soviet Union 1917-19453 s.h.
16E:179 (HIST:4494) Soviet Union 1945-19913 s.h.
030:041 (POLI:1401) Introduction to the Politics of Russia and Eurasia3 s.h.
030:141 (POLI:3413) Russian Politics3 s.h.
030:142 (POLI:3401) European Union3 s.h.
030:146 (POLI:3410) Russian Foreign Policy3 s.h.
030:159 (POLI:3405) Authoritarian Politics3 s.h.
041:058 (SLAV:1450) Diversities of Eastern Europe: Culture, Art, and Politics3 s.h.
041:082 (SLAV:3082) Youth Subcultures After Socialism3 s.h.
041:086 (SLAV:3086) Russian Media Today3 s.h.
041:093 (SLAV:1531) Slavic Folklore3 s.h.
041:094 (SLAV:1532) Religion and Culture of Slavs3 s.h.
041:098 (SLAV:1131) Introduction to Russian Culture3 s.h.
041:099 (SLAV:1132) Russia Today3 s.h.
041:102 (SLAV:3202) Russian Literature in Translation 1860-19173 s.h.
041:104 (SLAV:3131)/152:170 (GHS:3131) Health Care and Health Reforms in Russia3 s.h.
041:134 (SLAV:3134) Forbidden Masterpieces: Russian and Czech Authors who Changed History3 s.h.
041:150 (SLAV:2100) Secrets of Russian Mentality3 s.h.
041:155 (SLAV:3122)/048:149 (CCL:3122) Tolstoy and Dostoevsky3-4 s.h.
041:160 (SLAV:2131) Women in Russian Society3 s.h.
041:164 (SLAV:2531)/048:164 (CCL:2531) Topics in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies3 s.h.
041:165 (SLAV:3100) West and East: Women in the Slavic World3 s.h.
041:168 (SLAV:3221)/048:154 (CCL:3221) Twentieth-Century Czech Authors3 s.h.