Operative Dentistry


  • Steven Armstrong



  • Steven Armstrong, Gerald Denehy

Associate professors

  • Deborah Cobb, Sandra Guzmán-Armstrong, Justine Kolker, So Ran Kwon, Patricia Meredith, Erica Teixeira

Assistant professors

  • Rodrigo Rocha Maia, Natalia Restrepo-Kennedy

Adjunct professor

  • Robert Margeas

Adjunct associate professors

  • Richard Grunder, Alan Swett, Jeremy Tu, Chadwin Wagener

Adjunct assistant professors

  • Stephanie Barquist, Ed Fung, Kelly Huston, Ben Lloyd, Matt Miller, Terry Riley, Rob Thompson, Lori Veerman

Adjunct instructor

  • Lynn Griebahn

Professors emeriti

  • Murray Bouschlicher, Daniel Boyer, Yvonne Chalkley, James Fuller, Satish Khera, Devore Killip

Associate professor emeritus

  • Thomas Schulein
Professional certificate: operative dentistry
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The Department of Operative Dentistry provides training to predoctoral and postdoctoral students. It is a national leader in teaching, research, service, and patient care.

D.D.S. Student Training

Course work and clinical experiences in operative dentistry are fundamental to the overall education of Doctor of Dental Surgery students. The operative dentistry curriculum is designed so that didactic material relates closely to laboratory and clinical experiences. Students acquire foundational concepts in caries diagnosis, prevention, repair, and restorative techniques. They prepare to proceed independently in operative dentistry during their fourth year of training.

Professional Program of Study

  • Certificate in Operative Dentistry

Students must earn the Certificate in Operative Dentistry in conjunction with an M.S. or Ph.D. in oral science; see Oral Science in the Catalog.


The Certificate in Operative Dentistry is a professional clinical specialty program that provides dentists with advanced training for teaching, research, and the clinical practice of operative dentistry. The operative dentistry graduate program meets the educational requirements for application to take board certification examinations of the American Board of Operative Dentistry. (The American Dental Association does not recognize operative dentistry as a specialty area.)

Applicants to the certificate program must be graduates of accredited U.S. or recognized foreign dental schools and must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate College. The department may request an interview with an applicant.

Certificate students must be enrolled in the M.S. or Ph.D. program in oral science in order to earn the Certificate in Operative Dentistry. Completion of both programs requires 36 months of full-time study. The M.S. requires additional course work as well as a thesis and oral and written comprehensive exams. Students have some flexibility in their curriculum to take courses that particularly interest them. See Oral Science in the Catalog.
Students must provide their own financial support for the certificate and degree programs, including research and thesis expenses.


For D.D.S. Students

OPER:8120 (082:120) Dental Anatomy3 s.h.
Basic dental terminology and nomenclature, human tooth morphology, creation of tooth crowns with wax.
OPER:8122 (082:122) Operative Dentistry I6 s.h.
Principles, design of cavity preparations; placement of restorative materials; clinical simulation on dental mannequins.
OPER:8240 (082:140) Operative Dentistry II1 s.h.
Principles, design of cavity preparations, restoration of teeth, patient management, and pain control; esthetic dentistry; tooth bleaching, tooth recontouring, esthetic buildups with composite resin; simulation clinic exercises on mannequins.
OPER:8241 (082:141) Operative Dentistry II Clinic3 s.h.
Procedures performed on operative clinic patients; based on biological principles for preparation of cavities, restoration with appropriate materials.
OPER:8242 (082:142) Esthetic Dentistry1 s.h.
Continuation of principles covered in OPER:8240 (082:140).
OPER:8370 (082:170) Operative Dentistry III4 s.h.
Combination of didactic and clinical aspects of operative dentistry; review of clinical problems, restorative dental materials, and treatment methods; patient treatment; amalgam, composite resin, gold; emphasis on physiological and esthetic importance of restorative treatment.

For Certificate Students

OPER:5126 (082:226) Operative Dentistry Seminar1 s.h.
Direct resin systems, bonding technology; their use in dental esthetic treatment.
OPER:5140 (082:240) Operative Dentistry Advanced Clinicarr.
Materials, techniques; restoration procedures on a mannequin.
OPER:5234 (082:234) Selected Applications of Operative Dentistryarr.
Advanced techniques.
OPER:5245 (082:245) Pre-Clinical Teachingarr.
Teaching predoctoral dental students in laboratory, clinic.
OPER:6246 (082:246) Clinical Teaching2 s.h.
Clinical teaching instruction.
OPER:9300 (082:300) Operative Dentistry Certificate Program0 s.h.
Advanced dental clinical, didactic education; nondegree program toward eligibility for board certification in operative dentistry.