Tuesday, June 30, 2015
  University of Iowa Statistics

A Profile of Students Enrolled at the University of Iowa

Various enrollment statistics for The University of Iowa. These are internal reports to provide a summary of the reported session's student enrollment and demographics.

Census Reports

First official University count at census.

Class Counts

Four Year Plan Reports

Enrollment and participation statistics in the University of Iowa four year plan agreement. The four year plan is a program which assures that undergraduate students will be able to enroll in courses allowing graduation in four years. Students who elect to participate in the four year plan work closely with their advisors to make sure they know the requirements that must be met and the appropriate sequences in which to take courses.

Distribution of Grades (Infobank)

A valid Hawk ID and password is required to view Grade Distribution Reports.

Graduation and Retention Reports

Graduation and retention statistical reports are for the Fall cohorts of first time, full time, direct from high school students. The reports start with the Fall 2003 cohort and will be updated upon completion of the completion of a cohorts sixth year.

Regent Reports

Enrollment, retention and graduation statistics.

Summary of Degrees Granted

A summary of the degrees granted at The University of Iowa since 1847 (PDF Format).

Student Data Requests

Open records requests should be made via UI Public Records.
UI departments and colleges can make data requests via the Internal Student Data request form.



  Iowa Coordinating Council on Post-High School Education